Krav Maga


 Well, in a nutshell Krav Maga would be best described as a Self Defence and Fitness System. BUT, it is so much more than that!

Originating in Israel, Krav Maga literally means ‘contact combat’ in Hebrew.

The system is the offical system of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and is now used extensively across the globe by military and Law Enforcement agencies.

In addition, due to it’s simplicity, effectiveness, and above all its fun aspects, KM is also practiced my hundreds of thousands of everyday folk the world over.

The benefits of training in KM are many! Its a fantastic way to get fit, strong, meet new like minded people, improve confidence, self esteem, and learn valuable life skills.


Krav Maga
Imi Lichtenfeld


The system was founded by Imi Lichtenfeld. Imi was a talented athlete and martial artist. His life story and the origin of what went on to be known as KM is a fascinating story of a remarkable man. (You’ll learn all about it at your first lesson with IKMS!) Most importantly though, Krav Maga was born out of necessity. The need for a simple and effective system is what drove Imi, and that motivation is the same today at IKMS


IKMS is Scotland’s premier Krav Maga School.

We provide weekly classes in locations across Scotland.

In addition IKMS also provide exclusive Private Training and Corporate Solutions.

The IKMS philosophy is simple…….be better than you were yesterday! Progression, not perfection is always the goal Our aim is to ensure you achieve your goals whatever they are.

The IKMS Team are a highly trained team of specialists from a variety of backgrounds.

All are fully qualified and licenced  instructors. In addition most have specialist skills in related areas including, law enforcement, health and fitness, conflict management, risk management, and coaching. The team are committed to their own personal development within Krav Maga and train regularly both at home and in Israel

We are proud of our uniquely structured approach to learning KM. We focus on your needs and goals allowing you to progress at your own pace and measure your progress as you go. Join any of the IKMS classes and you’ll become part of a unique thriving community committed to helping each other improve.

So, back to the original question ‘what is Krav Maga?’, its the start of an amazing journey to the new fitter, stronger, more confident YOU!