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Krav Maga Grading Success for IKMS Adult Class

The spring Krav Maga Grading took place in Stirling on Saturday 25th May. Students from across all IKMS Adult classes took part in the event which saw around 40 participants achieve grades from Practitioner Level 1 to Graduate Level 5.

The day started early with the senior students being tested for the higher G levels. Advanced defences against knives, guns, sticks, throws/takedowns, advanced attacks and more saw the participants work hard demonstrating their knowledge and skills. Krav Maga Grading at this level is always tough. even with the emphasis on safety in training and exercising control, a certain amount of bumps and bruises go hand in hand with G level testing. The participants were beginning to feel the effects by midday however showed remarkable resilience, determination and composure to put on an impressive display of skill.

Around Midday the Graduate Levels were joined by the high Practitioner Level candidates and everyone completed the P5-P2 syllabus testing before travelling from N-Courage to The Peak to join the Practitioner Level 1 participants to complete their grading.

The gruelling session at the Peak saw all participants complete the full Practitioner 1 test before going on to complete the physical tests, pressure tests, and sparring test relevant to the grade being tested for. By this time stresses and strains were starting to show, yet, all the participants showed remarkable strength of character and powered through to complete the very challenging test.

All in all an amazing day of learning and achievement. Lots of highs and lows, emotions, bumps and bruises, but above all, success.

We are very proud of everyone who took part and are delighted in their success. Now time to start working towards the next one! Well done everyone!


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