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Kids just wanna have fun!

Kids just wanna have fun! Ever had to endure a dry, lifeless training session at work? Death by PowerPoint and a seemingly endless lecture on some topic or concept that holds little appeal? Most of us have at some point. We find ourselves willing the time away, struggling to stay focused (I’ve seen people doze off!), and actually, retain very little of the learning the session was meant to deliver.


Common sense tells us we all learn better if we’re enjoying what we’re doing. Even more so when it comes to kids. Learning has to be fun to keep kids engaged and focused.


Think how quickly you switch off when presented with unimaginative, dull, and boring training. Usually within minutes. That’s you as an adult who has developed self-discipline and focus and can understand the benefit of learning whatever is being taught. Kids switch off much, much sooner.


A 4-year-old girl or boy doesn’t see the advantages of practising a skill repeatedly, has little or no concept of progressive learning, and quite rightly so! They want to play, they want to have fun!


All good teachers, coaches, or instructors know this. They incorporate the skill being taught into fun, imaginative learning that engages the kids. Krav Maga is no different. To become competent in Krav Maga, a range of skills are required;


·      Coordination

·      Flexibility

·      Strength

·      Mobility

·      Determination

·      Balance

·      Awareness

·      Decision-making

·      Communication


To name but a few. These skills can be complex and take time to acquire. At IKMS we develop these skills through all of our programmes with age suitable learning.


All our lessons are structured, have aims, goals, and objectives, and are designed to be accessible to all learning styles. Each lesson has learning outcomes associated with one or more of the skills mentioned above.


Most importantly though, they are always FUN! The kids don’t even notice the repetition. They acquire the skills through play, competition, teamwork, and support. So, it may seem chaotic as the kids play games like ‘King of the Mat’ in class, however, there is method behind the madness! And not a PowerPoint slide in sight!

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