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Kids, Juniors, and Youths Krav Maga Grading May 2019

Today saw all our age groups have the opportunity to earn their next belt promotion in Krav Maga at our Grading Day.

First up were our Kids (ages 3-6yrs) and they didn’t disappoint! Fun filled as always our little warriors were put through their paces and demonstrated how much they have been learning and how well their skills have developed. A very proud day for the Team, especially Luca who has guided our youngsters since they started and 5 of them they graduated to the Juniors. They have come so far and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

Kids, Juniors, and Youths Krav Maga Grading

Next up were the Juniors (ages 7-9/10). They also gave a fine performance and demonstrated an impressive display of striking techniques, technical skills and discipline. Their fitness and resilience test was impressive with everyone giving 100% and all completing the fitness test within the required time. Watching this group spar you can really see their skills sharpening and technical skills starting to come together.

Finally, we had our Youths step up and complete a very challenging grading, with two of them achieving their Blue Belts, the final belt they can achieve in a grading (the rest are awarded by the head instructor when he believes the individual has earned it). Really good skills on display with this group, fantastic striking and movement, really good technical skills across the syllabus and a ‘never give up’ attitude across the board, The team were very proud of them all today. Well done all! Kida!


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