John Miller

Head Instructor

John is our senior instructor and has been teaching Krav Maga & Martial Arts for over 12 years.

Prior to teaching Krav Maga full-time time, he had a 15 year career in the Scottish Prison Service where he instructed staff in Control & Restraint and Self Defence.

He's a keen martial artist and has trained extensively in Krav Maga around the world with regular training in Israel. In addition to Krav Maga he still trains and competes in Kickboxing,Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazillian Ju Jitsu (BJJ).

He qualified as a Krav Maga instructor in 2007 and achieved his Expert Level (Black belt) in 2012

John is married and has two boys who both train in Krav Maga. Kickboxing, BJJ & TKD


Jesse Alfstad

Krav Maga Instructor

Jesse is our Krav Maga instructor who teaches the Glasgow classes. Originally from America, he moved to Scotland in 2003.

His fighting style is uniquely suited to Krav Maga. He specialises in hand to hand combat with focus on multiple attacker situations, armed attackers, third party protection and "dirty fighting".

He excels at demonstrating and explaining techniques in a fashion that enables his students to quickly learn new techniques and immediately implement them into their training regime.

In his free time he enjoys baking and spending time with his partner and parrots.


Megan Oates

Krav Maga Instructor (Kids)

Megan is one of our Kids Instructors and one of our most promising Krav Maga and Kickboxing prospects.


Luca Allison

Krav Maga & Kickboxing Instructor (Kids)

Luca is our youngest member of the team. He started training with IKMS aged 11 and quickly progressed through the Krav Maga ranks becoming the youngest ever to sit the adult Practitioner Level test.

As his training progressed he started training in Kickboxing under IKMS Head Instructor, John. Luca has competed both in the ring and on the mats many time and has represented Scotland in K1 Kickboxing as part of the WKA Scotland Team competing in Thailand.

Luca began coaching development under John's guidance and has progressed on to full Kids Instructor. He currently teaches our Krav Maga Kids group.


Liam McHendry

Muay Thai Coach

Liam is a full time Muay Thai Coach and Professional Muay Thai Fighter with an impressive pedigree and fight record. Liam has developed and leads our Muay Thai programme as well as being heavily involved in managing our Fight Team