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Student of the month April

Student of the Month April 2019

Our Student of the Month April award goes to… Charlie Mackenzie! Charlie started training with IKMS Krav Maga as a four year old and is now a junior. He has consistently impressed the IKMS Team with his attitude, hard work, and determination. The Student of the Month April award was a result of well-deserved nominations

why not let them quit

Don’t let them quit!

“ I don’t want to go to _______ class”, insert chosen activity and you have a sentence that most parents will have heard from their little cherub’s mouths. “It’s boring”, or, “it’s too hard”, or, “I don’t like it” Any of these sound familiar? I’ve heard them all from my own kids referring to various

hand wraps

Hand wraps – Why, when, and how

Common questions we are asked in class are “should I be wearing hand wraps in class?” and “what’s the best way to wrap your hands?” The short answer to these questions are “yes” and “that’s really a matter of personal preference” however it’s a little more complex than that in reality. First, let us look

Krav Maga Grading


IKMS Krav Maga Grading time is upon us again! The spring/summer Grading will take place on Sunday 26th May at N-Courage in Alloa The Grading will be split into 3 sessions again based on age/group: KIDS (Luca’s group) – 11am – 12.30pm JUNIORS( John’s Group) – 1pm – 2.30pm YOUTHS (Megan’s Group)- 3pm – 4.30pm

Improve Your Krav Maga

10 Habits to Improve Your Krav Maga

So what is a habit and how do we define it?  Habit – Noun: A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. 10/ Post fight – Exits Where to start? An issue that occurs across the board is that when we train Krav Maga is that for 95%

Krav Maga Kids Sparring

Kids Sparring in Krav Maga Training

We include sparring in all our Kids Krav Maga training right from day one. That may seem like a little extreme at first glance. Throwing the kids in at the deep end and have them punch and kick lumps out of each other with no previous training would not be a situation any sane parent