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10 Habits to Improve Your Krav Maga

So what is a habit and how do we define it? 

Habit – Noun: A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

10/ Post fight – Exits

Where to start? An issue that occurs across the board is that when we train Krav Maga is that for 95% of the time, we train in a class environment. Which isn’t really a bad thing I mean all fighting systems and martial arts do. However, this also means that we take for granted certain things.  One of them being at the end of a technique, as you move off the line and out of the channel, we either forget to scan or don’t move towards an exit. Countless times we see this over and over. If you are not into the habit already then make it a habit. Before moving towards the exit scan, practice scanning the same way that you would practice checking your mirrors for a driving test. Over your shoulder, check your left, centre, right hand side and over your right shoulder. Check the area quickly, look for potential threats, common objects, and exits then move towards the exit!

9/ Be Creative

Repeating the same technique over and over trying to learn and understand the mechanics behind the movements can understandable. But when you practice a technique, whether it is blocking a kick, slipping, deflecting a punch, the initial first few movements can be 20% of the overall technique its self. This is when you have to be creative, to take the same technique and make each rep similar but unique from the last rep. Try to get out of the habit of using the same 4/5 step combinations to finish each technique and make sure to mix it up more. P levels think about common objects to finish a technique, different ranges of strikes for example. G levels start to introduce more take downs in context, show that you know when to use them and it gives you more opportunities to practice different techniques  during class. Don’t expect to get new and better results by doing the same thing.

8/  Move More

We can be strong and we can be fast, but if we don’t stretch and mobilize and practice different movements to help our ability to move and function at some point something will give. This is how injuries occur, when throwing a punch or kick, simply missing can lead to hyperextension and other possibilities. Move more, discover how your body is able to move and adapt to situations. In Krav Maga we practice slow fighting as well as light fighting or even hard sparring however when we practice slow fighting we allow ourselves to move and discover new ways of setting up strikes and combinations, movements etc Connor McGregor described it best “upgrade the software without damaging the hardware”.
Get into the habit of moving more, and developing it through, stretching, mobilisation exercises and more. 

7/ Practice Patience

In habit 9 we talked about practicing techniques and how we need to learn them but we should also be creative with the technique aswell. Another common occurrence is when a student says something like “what comes next?” after practicing a technique 5 times and assuming that they have mastered a straight punch for example, which takes any fighter years to develop. Practice patience and practice, try to get the best out of each rep and know that with consistent action towards your training in time you will become ready for the next step, the next level, the jump between P to G or G to E grades.

6/ Focus

A lot of things happen throughout the day but when you step into a classroom make it a goal to get the most out of each rep of practice, to understand old techniques better and learn something new. Switch off from what happened before class and live in that moment in time and put your energy into the hour or so or 2 hours class and develop your Krav Maga. If your put in 60% then try 80% and see how much more you start to get from the little details you may have missed before.

5/ Put Pen to Paper

Once a year put pen to paper and write down things that you want to achieve that year. Write small goals, write big goals, things that will take a month and others that will take 6 months or the year. Write it down so as the year unfolds you can tick of what you have achieved and look back in December and see all the things that you set out to do and accomplished.

4/ The Extra Mile

The extra mile is the 10% extra effort after class is over. Be it watching KM videos, or reading a book about dealing with violence or even practising at home on the punch bag or training with another Krav Maga student outside of class. It’s the extra mile, the extra effort that will see you grow, faster, and give you that little extra knowledge before arriving to your next Krav Maga class. That 10% goes a long way when you add it to your efforts in class.

3/ Fundamentals

Become brilliant at the basics! Every Expert is and should be brilliant at the basics. You see it in their technique, the way they move and their mindset towards their chosen activity. Become brilliant at the basics and everything else will follow.

2/ Consistency

If you show up to class once a week, every week, that’s consistency! Three times a week? That’s consistency and you need to keep that up if you hope to achieve your goals. Again, be patient and engage in consistent action.

1/ Show up

This is what it is all about, the best habit you can hope to have and become good at. Show up, be there, the only way a beginner can start their Krav Maga journey is by showing up and sometimes that is the most challenging of tasks. Whether, it’s walking through the door and into your first Krav Maga class or through the ropes into the ring for a fight. Once you have done that the rest is easy. You can only accomplish so much without taking that first step. Luck can help and provide you with a lot of success but when it comes down to it. You need to show up.


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